Be still my heart, peace I must have…

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I’m watching my little brother sleep, he’s not much older than Trayvon was… everyday my heart catches when he’s out and about, I know he’s only a phone call or text away. I know that if he loses his temper over a missed bus, a side glance, a setback that it could be his last. I have the same fear for myself, if I wear the wrong outfit, don’t mumble kind words (sorry any words) to someone who gives me the chills I could meet that same fate. He’s much more “reasonable” about this than I am and for the life of me I don’t know why, I guess because when you have faith (God, karma etc) that if, in your realm, you are just – you reap the fruits of your justice, your “justness” gives you peace…


When dreams are too vivid

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When dreams are too vivid
It only means one thing
There’s a message that,
Needs to be delivered.
When dreams linger and all you do
Is mull over them for days while grinning
Watching life pass you by in the vivid hues
Of a dream
Knowing that keeping your
Mouth shut is the best thing to do
Knowing that truth is now bubbling out
Refusing to be still or silent

Deja – oh no! Not Again!

•October 13, 2010 • 1 Comment

I know I should be happy with these opportunities, but I dost dare to beg for more!

I can’t handle this repetition and danger, yes I’m being superstitious but from a young age I was taught to seek/fix and if that fails, run!

At the moment though, my feet are spinning in the same spot, I have to gain speed/traction, egads an increase in my fiscal budget would do me well too!!

For now, as I’m still stuck, I’ll pray… and should it be, it dost be, I am thankful! Amen, this isn’t a cry, simply a plea to have more time to enjoy THIS!

Devious urges for things that beep *meep, meep*

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It’s messed up, so many gadgets. Hands are outstretched, desperate to explore. Loved to play. Gotta be patient, always had a thing for sweets, anything shiny, things that beep…

See here I am

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Been so long, head’s been in too many places! Technology has been failing me, but… I’m just passing through for passing’s sake. Leaving a moment of positivity, until next time.

Stand for a chance

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the kids are not alright, growing up, filled up with so much hatred…

Many want to believe that without proper discipline, living in fear of the unknown, with no one to love, raised without love, hating everyone, that one is incapable of loving, that living with so much hate is blinding! It is, but the trick is to love yourself – to thine own self be true and good. No one will see, that you care, cuz you’re still leaning on the wall – missed your turn again (was too busy “setting” up)!

Everyone fell into their own rabbit holes, segregated and serrated – unless they “control” everything, barely reaching out, that the ones who watched and waited, loving themselves were *kanye shruging* their way to success. These days, pomp and flattery rule (here’s to hoping we can do some more good, and fix our Gulfs and take care of our Katrina’s).

Gotta be, extra smooth

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So, trippin on life as per usual… flips through Fate playbook. It’s corny to say, but lately there’s been too many coincidences, being matchy-matchy counts for a lot especially when you’re incommunicado! *flips faster* Fuck!! Cant find anything!! Let’s be frank, this woman really wants those “long proverbial walks on the beach”. Seriously.

Yes!! But to actually be THAT happy aka upfront isn’t cool, I guess… My light is shining, imploding and exploding way too brightly, the moths are getting burned by this flame! I’m attracting instead of detracting. Gosh, the nerve – watch dismissal done with eloquent verve!

Saunter forth & kindly continue ♥