whew *wipes sweat*


what a day. So glad it’s over.

Do you know what the worst thing in the world is, boredom? It makes ppl do some crazy things…

Take yours truly, here who ran around working 3-4 jobs at a time. Just so I could be ready to drop these jobs at a drop of a hat.

Guess what? The hat is getting stuck, the art of ‘drop’ is reversing, now the hat won’t fall. It’s getting harder and harder to pry it off. It’s getting pretty dark and soon, very soon, I’m going to have to shine my light (going to try my hand at freedom DIY-style).

Sure I keep losing my way, but (expletive), diggity-damn. This waiting in vain, this boredom has got to stop, this way of mine will change – after all I’m always wallowing in shit, so I’m gonna captialize and go crazy on it/with it/towards it; that magical it.

Take this down, it ain’t gonna make sense, it may make dollars though…


~ by tashpoeme on September 21, 2008.

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