Famous Last Words… (oh I lie this isn’t the last of me)

It moves and ebbs

It moves and ebbs... It cannot be understood so every so often it breaks leaves parables like crumbs for the birds to hoist up and to let it rest; to linger - whether it be to the heavens or the pitts of their stomachs...

Yes indeed I lie; woe is me, I don’t understand why. But this love is like an anchor, weighing me down – pushing me towards the depths. Infamy where is thy sting? Why do you believe that because I fall, it means that I am trapped?

I choose to follow the paths dictated for me and I said that this could never happen to me, these famous words didn’t end, they kept on lasting and lasting. Forever to haunt and torment. Fool to fall and fool to love, hindered by urges to follow; base instincts that should yield the fruits of good are wrought with the worms of wrath.

I ponder and quake and the problem is that I can’t get away, oh I lie, as I flee…


~ by tashpoeme on September 28, 2008.

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