For its one, two, three strikes and…


I’m the player to be named later….

… and since the show and I have yet to meet, I’ll take my chances now anonymously, to toe the dirt and scuff the chalk…

Oh baseball, what happened to you??

I miss the sexiness that the game had: the boys were men and the men were definitely men. there was depth and history and purpose… there was superstition and that is hot!!! Yet, there was weariness and more often than not, the underdogs won; which is not the same as coming outta nowhere and winning. I enjoyed watching the underdogs struggle and fight and chew the ears off of those who were in a similar plight and come out victorious….

I`m sure you`ll notice that I loved the Toronto Blue Jays – who woulda thunk that America`s Pastime would take a trip to the frigid ol`north not once, but twice!!!  

*shivers and recalling those crazy times*

Sure I can say I’m a touch nostalgic and maybe I shouldn’t have watched Bull Durham, but boy it made me miss the ole way of baseball – when they just threw the ball, hit it, when they ran and the ways they caught the ball.

Around the late 80s early 90s, it seemed so simple – just pitch and maintainfor seven innings; if you were hot, you kept going (tomorrow be damned), the base runners ran like they were the winning run (even if they had the lead and more so when they were down, oh how they stole bases), and they bunted (is that a word??? anyway – they made it to first 99.9% of the time – oh sigh), the wild outfielders so multifaceted, they were practically back up infielders!!!

The home run hitters were young (and more importantly young at heart), the home run was what it should have remained as, the padding ( and not as it is now; the whole f’n SHOW!!). I wanna believe that in the 90s there was less astroturf, because the players got grass stains, can u believe it, I miss grass stains…??? OMG!

While fiddling around, I found an appealing thought . Though, I’m not sure that expansion is the culprit, after all things need to grow, and I guess baseball was getting stale (roids with a smattering of homers, anyone?) 

I’m not sure how, but it was the fans that made the game, those crazy fans that yelled and hollered, the ones that supported their team no matter how many eons its been since a pennant was won… or a championship for that matter. Thanks to the following (and RIP cuz it ain`t evagonna to happen again *tear*):

  • Oakland A’s
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Montreal Expos
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Atlanta Braves

And thanks to these boys (and if they fell off the ‘wagon’ tough – I only mention them in the ‘glory of my imagination’ ie how they were then, not whom they’ve become.)

  1. Jose Canseco
  2. Ozzie Smith
  3. Rickey Henderson
  4. Joe Carter
  5. Kelly Gruber
  6. Todd Stottlemyre
  7. Dave Winfield
  8. Roberto Alomar
  9. Dave Steib
  10. Cal Ripken jr.
  11. Paul Molitor
  12. Ken Griffey jr
  13. Devon White
  14. Tony Fernadez
  15. Cito Gaston

And they were great and these teams greater because the game was played with fear and arrogance. Now though,  baseball has just way too much arrogance… I’ll stop now with a little ending by William Blake:

Children of the future Age  
Reading this indignant page,
Know that in a former time
Love! sweet Love! was thought a crime.
          In the Age of Gold – sometimes it rains…

~ by tashpoeme on October 3, 2008.

One Response to “For its one, two, three strikes and…”

  1. aw i remember stottlemyre while he was gunning it from first to third, and that belly-flop at third was PRICELESS!!

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