Could you be any sadder than this forthcoming example…


AS of right now,

This moment while wasting away with the aid of liqueurs,

I feel peace  – This is soooooooooooo wrong

Using the future, groovin with these tunes, trying to go back and pick up what I lost. Taking these chances, risking – hoping for imaginary glory, trying to find a way………..

Trippin back into the present……

For a long time, I haven’t felt *ahhhhhhhhhhhh****

At one with my flaws – bare, for any and all to critique,

A tear and a lot of welling up begins roundst mine eyes,

BAby, Baby _ wWhy did it go and Hail??

Time to break free of this pale demeanour, thoughts a blur,  just a thin haze,

Melding in and out of view, in and out of thought –

Wait! The moment can be stilled, just often enough, can’t give a damn.


Grab a bucket soon, these tears flow – no longer frail?!!?

Free ahaulin, steady fallin, haven’t seen even ground in a long, long while 😦

Wishing just wishing, that I




My Lai

La-I _I – eye -eyeeeeee

Lai-_I mY Life!!!



This life of mine suffices to entertain you, I don’t understand – although, IT is funny :9 ;9


~ by tashpoeme on October 22, 2008.

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