Here I go again/Out on my own….

Cucumber and licorice are aphrodisiacs-

It seems, unlikely… Why? It’s like being blinded by magic or finally realizing that tingle that you’re feeling is like death (maybe you should let go of your lover now)….


As usual stuck in front of television that I shouldn’t be watching and I hear this interesting fact; hmmmmmm aphrodisiacs, lordy brain, outta da gutter. So, since it never trusts what it sees, it decided to do some gooogling – it’s awesome to see that gooogling is a word, hope there are no ‘real’ ways to spell it??!

Back to elixir’s now. Potency with ointments, i crack myself up – is there truth?

So far I haven’t found the original reference yet… … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

WTF? Meh, just as I suspected.

Yes, this is a tangent, with no real reason for living except for the fact that I want that “research element”. i want to believe, it’d be nice for others to believe in me….



~ by tashpoeme on October 23, 2008.

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