Getting da shiznit started. Free at last

So i am sitting here – wondering if this could be the end literally.

Lady Weeping Willow

(*whispers* These tears, will fall any moment now)

Surprisingly, the tears aren’t flowing. Blindly,  I go out and was unable to engage with anyone, mentally famished.
(*mumbles*  don’t think the payout for this assistance will ….)

Surpringly default before it could start; both parties satisfied that they are safely (and further along) journeying on six, seven, and beyond in degrees of separation. The dame looked at the ticket again, the others looked at each other….


dO A LittLE daNCe…

Before the payout, it’s just HUGE!!!!!!

I am so tired, so parched and so against everything and it FINALLY stoppED – could this be my goodbye?

A nose dive after many moons of being trapped.

I guess wallflowers don’t SOAR, but you know we forget. We know that you recognize us, think that you are mocking us.

Jealous that as a girl, I rock it like a boy. Enigmatic, I recognize I have nothing to prove, I rock my 30s, don’t have to lie about my age,  my milkshake is sick, a Wallflower, you don’t know what to make of me..

You are loathe to pinpoint my race, I insist upon being single, (sorry I still practice abstinence, the sole tenant of my religion I still practice). If I had not remained as pure as One could be, I would have destructed.

(*smiles* Ilike how they have grown, now they can fend fEND for themselves; so should i fly? oh man)

A sense of uselessness, the absence – most welcome though, of lacking purpose; Can be seen as whom i am, now with time to rest, a Wallflower again, just so plain that you would be loathe to pinpoint where we stood.

Well now, starting to heal, blending, observing, in the background… or is becoming observant? for now i am able to observe myself…

From this point on it only gets rougher!! Was I able to teach? Sure I was addled with drugs and liqs, but they have to be able to see what I see, why I just wanted to get money, to get money…

That’s the only way to maintain control, they’s broke (I”m broker, never mind), recognize that now it’s time to work hard and ensure the flow is ever bountiful, to keep your soul safe, to save for tomorrow’s that you may not have.
IT;s the only way to care, the only way…


~ by tashpoeme on November 4, 2008.

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