Look how it falls apart…

Wait while I look for resources….

Nah, never mind??!!

North Americans take it for granted that children should be raised with innocence, that they should witness a world full of glitter and decadence.

The children of the new millennium are lost moments after birth, doomed to wallow in vanity and bear witness to a world full of deception and deceit.

Literally and figuratively, they are the aggressor and the victim, they are backed against proverbial walls while fighting the front lines and dodging the bullets on the street corners. They die playing, they are whisked away with the promise of candy; they chop hands off while watching theirs being chopped. They grab guns and money and everything else they can get their hands on.

Let’s not talk of right and wrong, because no matter how the world starts, decadence or deceit, if they live long enough – it simply worsens.

Violence makes the world go round and round, one may have the fortune of living in worlds where you can destroy those above you, because those who have the law are as weak as you. They are desperately seeking the same money, want the same respect….Oftentimes within your camp,  and waiting to strike.

And in that “land of supposed picket fences”, people grow and want the same things; the law may be more organized and it may be easier to spot you – cameras populate cities easier than in the villages. These youth also seek the same money and want the same respect, as their counterparts, who haven’t been bribed with fairy tales and allowed to whittle away their lives, trying to imitate people they see on television…

Gradually, we North Americans, Europeans better known as G8 nations, whatever the nomenclature, are destroying our children. In the EXACT same MANNER as their THIRD WORLD CONTERPARTS.

No, the violence is not the same – not possible. But we teach them early to be greedy, to be selfish, to not respect authourity, to be with money and things and believe in fairy tales, in elected officials that trick them with flashy ads – to believe that violence is gorgeous, is cool (status quo), the more notches – the more power…


~ by tashpoeme on November 4, 2008.

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