My piece on Obama…

So, America – the purported land of the free and home of the brave – elected a black president… Who would have thunk this day would ever come?

Certainly not yours truly, who most negatively, is also of the opinion that Mr. Obama will be ousted and laid to rest. Sorry Americans and members of the world community who may feel that he will be the authour of change – he won’t be.

(Or maybe, I should hint that he may not be allowed to create changes because maybe America is only shifting gears to begin a different kind of war…hmmmmmmmmmmm).

Maybe not from lack of trying, but simply because America has enjoyed a certain track record – come into any and all situations with guns ablazin’ and damn the consequences… You know like I know that the job of president (is only a gimmick – they have to answer to the bosses who paid the bills)….

Obama faces a steady and uphill climb – America is in an unimaginable state of debt and after Obama’s term(s) end, who will receive the blame? He will.

 (We the lazy public, will have forgotten that Bush and Bush Sr. sent that country into wars based on greed, I mean on Terror, because terror is only something that is inflicted upon poor America. Remember WWII anyone? When and long did it take for the stars and stripes to fly in and help??)

To be continued – I hope I am wrong, but my mouth always catches me (ie speaks true)…


~ by tashpoeme on November 8, 2008.

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