Single is as single does…

So, I have pondered and meandered and hoped and prayed and looky-lookie here. I am still single.

Should I worry?

Damn Skippy, I should. But then reality seeps in – what can I do? No matter what I do, I can’t make anyone love me. I can’t – correction won’t – go out there and pick up any flopsy bunny that comes around. So gotta swallow that bitter pill of insults and injury to my character – as in am I a man? Or my new fave, the you must be gay, since you’ve been single for so long – yeah that’s it, I’m sure if that were the case; I would have had the sense to figure it out already, yes, yeah, umm-humm!!

Yeah, life is grand, especially when you can’t shake the stench of wallflower outta your hair. It lingers and lingers, it creates false illusions (such as you are in a relationship, or the aforementioned transsexual/gay argument). It bleeds and kills hope and fuck, I’m ready to die.

Damn, still here… so what does a single one do?

Well for starters, I think there’s a corner that’ll buy my blarney… I could turn back the hands of time on the streets man, I could be 16 or maybe 45, whatever – there are blokes that’ll pay, I’m sure… Maybe this was destiny…. Don’t worry, I just slipped again; gotta mutter obscenities to crack the hard shell ’round my heart. Must pretend to be happy after all, being single is such a lonely state.

Suffice it to say, that I make due with the tools at hand.

If alone, I must be, I had better start working with these tools… I can’t fiddle with time, so I gotta wear my cloak (of misdemeanour well).

(sure, the topic of this song isn’t the same as my situation, but it “DOESN’T MAKE  ME ANY LESS OF A WOMAN” because at every fork in the road, I always choose to tread alone).

Dat’s what we as single folk do, hem and haw and grin and bear it, cry and laugh about our failings – should try to find salvation (but haven’t found any leads).


~ by tashpoeme on November 8, 2008.

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