Charades, anyone?!?

Wow nothing is coming out…

Do I really want this that bad?

This love thing, is it worth the risk?

I don’t mind, your standard heterosexual would mind a helluva a lot more, that I rather have to look at, than to have a quote-end-quote-relationship.

People choose not to acknowledge that people are different. They come in many stripes and not everyone can keep the happy trigger going at any speed – some have full, mid and three-quarter points – but there are a few of us who seem to eternally incapable of disengaging the safety.

And that’s just the way it goes…

On a roll, waiting for the dice to stop...

On a roll, waiting for the dice to stop...

Who wouldn’t want to have love? While many are willing to change who they are, to gloss over their quirks in order to be accepted, there are those who are steadfast and stubborn. These people choose to solider on and continue to do things their way.

And yes we don’t like the results, the fact that we can’t just walk up and choose the ones we want. That we have to listen to catcalls, worry if the other party is legal, can’t seem to look our age (the flaws too apparent and alternatively so easy to conceal), or just plain and simple – have to constantly make ourselves appear; to put on the clothes, to spend money on the hair products, and the ever difficult task of leaving bed (if only it were easy to just stay, to just sleep and to just continue to dream, ah it’s too much for a mere mortal to bear).

For in that sleep, oh the dreams that come are lovely, one isn’t so weak and beauty is matched by wit and people understand – it’s bliss and perfection, people aren’t stupid and they don’t make wars (they don’t question your authourity, you rule and so it shall be).


~ by tashpoeme on November 10, 2008.

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