Give ME the Prada

So, once again on a movie binge…

It’s the preview that means more than the review.

It’s like an attempted interview – you didn’t ask any of the right questions and your piece is going to turn into crap. You feel a deep pain in your chest, you’re starting to breathe shallowly and quickly;  your editor is going to rip you to shreds, feeling this kind of terror and utter humiliation; tears freeely begin to flow.

However, it only being a movie, one can loudly proclaim, I would’ve ditched the friends and kept on working…

So your boss is the demon spawn’s great-aunt. IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! What do you do want with your life?? (I’m channeling The Rock right now, those insults roody-poohing and candy-assing and lots of different smells *shivers*.)

You’d have taken the Prada, because all you do is live-breathe-and-sleep work. You remember working three to four jobs at once, just because (and please don’t mention that you needed the money, you blew it faster than it could come in).

Fuck your friends because, you knew deep down, that these people weren’t really friends. They were just people that found you all quiet and squished up agaisnt the wall. One could call it pity, many though utter stupidity on their parts. They should have left you there. They should’ve known that you would leave the FIRST CHANCE you got, you’ve always wanted pretty things and HERE THEY COME!!

You don’t seem to care that you come from many, you choose to remain one – you cleave only to yourself, you believe one love is sacred and you don’t often let your little light shine. Sure, no one notices, but you could try a little bit harder.

Wait, I see, this is your attempt at trying. You become hard and cold and vain, no one likes you anyway and more importantly no one will miss you when you’re gone. Yes *nods*, no one will miss you in the end, so take your shots….

Destroy anyone that gets in your way, you always feel pain and so you use every chance you get to inflict it upon others, yes the Prada does indeed look very, very nice *leers and grins*!!!


~ by tashpoeme on November 15, 2008.

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