Getting further… yet moving towards truth ;0

Wake up, Lady Poeme!

Time to tell more stories, time to shake the cobwebs that are building up

(shake HARD! get EVERYTHING out, this happens for a reason!)

Even though you cannot reach out and ask what they think and how it correlates to how you think; and you know it would be a great piece – a novel way to capture the attention of many. More importantly, it’s a way to be of the world (and not in it, observe without causing that much damage).

Listen to the choir and raise up your talents, sometimes dark corners are the only places that one can let loose, so I raise my voice and I ask for a little wisdom…

Writing this I feel blessed, here’s to continuing today (and if this is the end, let it be known that throughout all the bad and throughout all the sinning; I still aimed high and rose up)

I wasn’t afraid to fight!


~ by tashpoeme on November 29, 2008.

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