read this… interesting ;9-

Why do I lay it on the line?

Should you care when I fall again and again?

Bear with me for a moment, I try not to be long… It’s real weird,

(opens hands)

Someone has to be true to themselves

(to see the cracks, notice that it just isn’t working)

To say we were not meant to love

(or to be in this place)

I understand that all we can do is fight

(I regret this a lot)

People don’t understand me much

(I come off as free loading)

Well, I have to unload and be free, so I pass through to ease my mind

(with your chatter, and maybe I might imbibe )

Or pretend I am

(and proceed to be lifted the rest of the night)

Humble is an action

(some have it and some don’t)

To act and react is grace

(sure you’ve waited a long long time)

And you suffered many shots

Time heals and doesn’t it just start to feel good!

Living the words, instead of preaching the good deeds to others

(finally practicing and preaching – quite novel; took awhile to understand)

I hold out my hand

(silly me *i hug myself* i forgot there’s no one there)

Living with imagination and dreams and hope and nothing often turns to something…

Heroes, crooks, saints and pranksters are all cut from this same lonely cloth

(your wants and needs are dancing in your head, it feels good there)

You don’t need to come out and play

(well not quite true)

You play and then you hide again

(dancing with yourselves – uh oh)

The wind ruffles…

can you at least look at me?

– nope

it’s really that hard to love, wait scratch that, to be with me?

– fraid it is

(raises a hand)

– it’s not like i don’t want love, but i don’t understand what this word love means?

it’s doesn’t need to mean anything, you just feel it

– but i can’t!!

(it needs a label, it must be something that can be categorized, )

– is it really flowers and chocolate? a pat on the head…

no, it’s a feeling

– yes, it controls you and if you let it control you, it’s


– yea and i don’t want amazing, i want love


– can you see me when i’m sad? or do i have to put on a geisha when you beckon? am i indebted to you or do you lean on me? can i lean on you or do i hold you up?


– love this thing you profess – what does it mean?

(fears flow around freely, if only love rambled on like that, if tears could flow freely…  if feeling really mattered when it came to love… it would be sweet)

– because for me to love, i need to be free!!! Many don’t believe this, they feel it is owed to them and they have it monitored and inspected, and within reach to dust off and share with the world. i don’t care who knows, as long as you do, i do. it ends when it must….


– love is a feeling and you know damn well you can’t hold onto feelings – they come and go and do as they please. let us play, love, until it no longer feels right – let us heal and move on if we must


~ by tashpoeme on November 29, 2008.

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