karaoke wonder…

*shakes and taps and wiggles and emotes to the music, fists raised, teary-eyed*

To everyone who said I would flail and crack as I slide further into failure – ah yes with a degree and gots nothing to show for it, watch and learn. The following is an excerpt from a little ditty I wrote temporarily titled: ‘How to achieve, with a huge chip on your shoulder – GO WALLFLOWER GO!’

I await my turn, the conveyor belt slowly and methodically brings each lost soul to the end of the line, just before the drop, only a moment to make peace with their maker.

ONE wish…

To tell the story…

All alone, hating your mocking and constantly being brought back to this house of slaughter, to be ripped to shreds for having to tolerate your audacity (insisting that I keep quiet and keep taking the blame)…

It has taken me awhile to remember, now starting to speak up (for I can no longer tolerate your crap, these stupid rules, someone has to call this engagement off)…

So, I have decided to SHOUT, let it be me!

I knew, ever since I was 12…

That Love would and could not be my friend…everyone would always hate me.

Often more than I hated myself…

It’s a bit to emo for your tastes, but you swallow it. Even wiggle it around in your mouth, as you ponder.. Could this be??!!


People who claim friendship are only around to mock you, so instead of ditching them – feed them more fodder… It hasn’t broken me yet – so I continue to fan, feeling the heat ANd the hatred rise…. 

Got to be strong, you must always be close to your enemies and every day you fight yourself to ensure that for the most part, you keep yourself circumspect. That you make sure the bills are paid, you retreat and let others fight their own battles and you sing your heart out (just while you lean on the wall – no one can hear you, yet)…

And that’s it! Embrace your enemies as well as your flaws… As the chute opens, you are separated, off to tell the story to a new generation.


~ by tashpoeme on November 30, 2008.

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