A mock up of love neatly done…

Oftentimes, there is this haunting… The urge to lean over and take a peek at what other mortals see as a simple fact. Bodies have urges, and therefore they merge. Oftentimes there is this feeling that people don’t just use their eyes to see. Oftentimes something that many call the heart lead people to merge their urges, it is just and fair. Oftentimes people don’t know how to cope, choices can’t always be good you know, the fallout well; it’s for another day, only the good, I mean a little hope for today!

So what are you telling me?” He looked puzzled. this wasn’t working out quite like he had planned. Couldn’t figure it out, she doesn’t do bullshit!

I was so confused, I just want sex and no I don’t give it out – well I don’t give it out. Do I really need to? I know it’s …..sweet, sticky and sexed, a special space…full of passions and feelings. where wants are wants and what remains to be left unsaid, remains unsaid…

Fuck I don’t do bullshit!! But what if he’s shitting me, damn he doesn’t need to say love. Fuck??!! If it looks tramp, fuck – where did this nobleness all of a sudden come from?

“Boy, I don’t understand?” What is it you want?”

(no promises no cliches)

“Sweet-peah-ah-it’s impossible to put into words…speaking in tetes a claques – a language that only the natives speak. a link so old and tried and true – a solo without an end in sight.a knowledge that this love goes no where, yet it flows.

Baby let this be. sweet, sticky, flailing and flawed…”

“I don’t want your pity, your grandiose gestures, your need to prove that we are exclusive, your love and most importantly – should this work, if your respect I fail to get… hmmm-eh, harumphf …. Well this twilight we’ve danced in, ends.”

*lips smack and pop*


~ by tashpoeme on December 2, 2008.

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