(This love is starting to churn… no it’s settling again. Gosh I’m glad these feelings are bumping around in my head – they’re hidden….. inhale the cologne-exhale the cologne. This is the past, let it go).
She’s capable of forgiveness (it’s great), but she
Never forgets… And we hurt her each & every
Time (yet she forgives, bitter she still forgives).

“Remember when you were young and you just
Played? Breathe deep in-and-out!”

Smile 🙂 I do & this is it! 🙂
Self deprecating – By gosh-gee-willicker-damn,
But only the lonely, the unknown can see what I
See – The Buzz – looks empty, the people behind the
Scenes; just the stars ok. Good for you! I, mon ami
Saw it all! When you build; have faith. It comes!!

Watch all these people pass me by (ie celebs, customers)
Know the feeling well now, by the way, I know it’s wrong…
To feel this way. I’m wrong-sided, I know I
Feel like I’m on the wrong side, I should be on the ‘other’ side
I should be a ‘part’of things, I should be “apart” within that realm,
I should be the one setting the standards. Putting people back on the straight and narrow…
Ack, disappear idea, I know that I am entitled to NOTHING!!
One must earn, everything that they have, especially when it’s (more so when it’s) handed to Them!
Slinging joes, ice creams and candies isn’t where I should
I should have ‘broken through’ already; I should be on the
Other side.

“You’re still going – it’ll come.”

“No MOTHERFUCKERS’, I ain’t young. It should already
Be MINE!!. How many detours does one need??
When do I become? It’s only a matter of time… Yes thanks!!
That time is NOW. Just BELIEVE and keep setting
Another brick in the wall, another rock in the pond,
Another rose rising out of the concrete…
So, (I’ve) it’s been kept down for a long time, the rose bled blue
It’ll bleed for a long time, watch out cause once you’ve been
Stained by this blood. It’s all over you now; she has marked you.
You will never be the same, this evil blue-blood cleaves to you
You know you’ve been burnt, you try to wash it off, you know
It won’t go away, it’ll fade, but somehow she’s always there.”

I’ve given you my all. I’m single, lonely. I’ll do it all; can’t you see
That like the rose, I’m young, eternal and I’m old and near the end.
That’s why I’m just blue, cold from the get go, one can’t
Disappoint me more than I disappoint myself.
I’m visible, yet it’s so easy to hide. Take your pics, then
I’ll write the lines or I’ll take those pics and you give me your lines
I’ll try to memorize them and say ‘em right 🙂

I’m so Britney…
I’m a slave for you; my comeback is so wild, so confused. I reach
Out to you and you only abuse. I can see how you try to fool me,
So I’m trying to always fool you. Don’t trust me and please don’t bother
To like me, let’s just make the money while we can, here’s to the
Blues, Reds and Golds
Need a new Category: Sexless (Yes I know there’s a word for this,

– evil knows no bounds
– asked for forgiveness, because it’s not fair
– returns to snake form
– forgetfulness has its risks, but I really doubt that there’ll ever be a race, kind of man that can even ‘simulate’ a worthy enough opponent
– but should that happen (re love life), bring it on
– would hope memory sparks then *tents fingers*

Lump, wump, lump, wump,
Taking and Faking the lumps
🙂 Don’t let friends impose on you, work calmly and silently:)
Evil knows no bounds…


~ by tashpoeme on December 9, 2008.

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