That character that tripped into love…

How the fuck did I manage to do this? Yesterday, I was jamming to The Beatles, freeing the yesterdays’ from my head and now this??!!

Love, how did you get past the stanky-bitch-ass-attitude. the-weeks-of-no-makeup-frizzy-hair-although-there-was-a-good-day-or-two!!?? Can’t you see the flag?

It’s not white, it’s blood reD!! This-me-I-AM-TroUbLE!! Even though, no two bulls can safely reign in one pen, I am inviting you in… I understand that I am woman, but you must understand that Lady Weeping Willow of Numerous Poemes’ creates headaches-unbeknownst-to-mankind??!

Why does he hold my head as these tears fl0w? Is this the moment that I tell him the truth?

No, I will wallow and weep and enjoy this moment; after all this is love that I’m feeling. I was going to fold, so since I am not (and enjoying being folded into his arms), I will wait….

Will this end?


~ by tashpoeme on December 9, 2008.

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