Slipping and slipped + Shenanigans = 2009

It’s the new year – my bad there’s a new year approaching and what am I going to do?
The same shite that I did in previous years??!!
Well maybe, we’ll see that in this new year I plan on being just as bad if not more so than I was the year before.
How else should one with the evil reputation that I have earned celebrate a new year?
Well, by repeating the mistakes that I made the year before!
But…. I intend to cause even more trouble than I did last year!
Who else could live through a
– refugee camp
– watch people I care about keep repeating old mistakes
– making lattes
– and holding down 3-4 jobs at once (and have the audacity to be mad that I have been reduced to only working one)
only me??!!
So, people find your ticket and take the ride!
Because there’s only one person you’ll ever know that can keep falling and remain upright…

~ by tashpoeme on December 17, 2008.

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