Slowly arising…

Oh this inner child of mine.

Stuck and surrounded by fake people and the burden of being equally fake just so that I can hang with them.

Shouldn’t I just be satisfied and be alone?

Apparently not, as being an island isn’t good for anyone (although it was safe and sadly it was fun).

On the bright side though, this year is coming to a close and this layer of honey that I’m spreading is attracting a different kind of fly.

Sure this fly is a lot worse than its predecessors, but it’s time for me to bond with a type that is bad, not those who pretend that they are.

So here’s to new shenanigans (I promised to cut back), but evil and practical jokes (and people) are just the ticket and the type that I want to ride with….

So watch out and sit tight, the bedbugs and rats have bit hard and now the kobra is devouring…… yum!


~ by tashpoeme on December 17, 2008.

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