There’s something about Anal Sex and 69s…♥

Essentially they’re the sound that you make when you are fucked – it makes a sound! (See title for future reference, take your eyes away…PAUSE LOOK up AGAIN! NOw, shake your head… *sigh* ) Honestly, what did you expect?

Stupid question, you expected lollipops and rainbows, holding hands much ado, when it mattered, you well… There was nothing you could have done! You just sat and watched the world go by, you let yourself get fucked, again??!

Damn Skippy! YOu forgot to wait for the sound of the gun; BANG! You went down the path, lacking enough fear and loathing and then you met your fate- what a sight, RIPPED to shreds with a plastic knife!

Is that supposed to be possible?!!?

Unfuckin’ believable! And boy, did you get mad! You got hurt before you even had a chance to make a claim – THAT’S SICK!


~ by tashpoeme on December 25, 2008.

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