So, on this eve, a moment passed…

It just, happened.

When you landed, fuck man. What hit you? This lout, this nerdy little guy, who could magically consume a lot of liquor, black hair dark eyes, a mack; pardon, a gent that was actually taller than you, faith be praised. He could lose some weight, but you knew he’d fill out well.

Read too many books though, always trying to teach you something new, just wouldn’t be satisfied with whittling and whistling his time away to a good tune. Always analyzing, always cracking jokes, always puttering around.

“Boy, be still!” (And she whispers to her heart, ‘yOU, HEarT bE sTiLL TooOOO!’ )

This girl with the ever-changing-hair soft lips, almond shaped eyes and smoky drawl, slim with legs like tree trunks, carrying her at full tilt through forests and over hills, you had to try and keep up. Fast talker, soft spoken, always hiding, always fleeing – never know where you’d end up, ears always at attention because if you miss it, she gets so damn pissed *sighs*…

On this eve a countdown begins and moments pass and for once, each of you refuse to track time – this has to be forever, this moment…


~ by tashpoeme on December 27, 2008.

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