Love is not enough…

Now that Grace is gone, when will it be safe to hold out your hands again? You did do everything to raise and grow, but now lacking grace, do you see what you need to see? Care to see with the gifts that you have left?

See that although the mistakes and the pitfalls always find a way to catch you…

Can you move on?

Will you be remembered as the one who fell, the one who cast it away? It’s only, when it’s over, do you realize what a gift you had?

Will you be lucky enough to have a second chance? To step out of the dollhouse… knowing you only wanted to be “there” for awhile….  Didn’t know the “while” would be so quick – it just started, how could it end while we’re still so young?

 WE wanted the old, but it never will come…

Grace is Gone – Jamie Cullum


~ by tashpoeme on December 29, 2008.

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