A lot of the time, we reach out and expect nothing in return…

Isn’t  that strange?

Why didn’t I realize this sooner?

I mean, I know the part about never giving up, but it’s so hard.

I see great things for myself, but right now, I ain’t doing great things. Day after day after day, the same drudgery, the same despair – the knowing (the ambitions) doesn’t add up (equal the talents). Nothing shines, people are horrid and I have to cater to their every whim and manage somehow, to cater to mine… Well no, I don’t, I just watch what I have slip through my fingers and I’m left holding this sack of shit. I reach out all the time and I expect almost nothing, but I still hope that one day, the right tear will fall and the right person or entity or feeling will notice (or be noticed) and one day my shine will come.

Gawd, I wanna give up so bad, these years are flying by now and all I can see is what’s gone… Time will run out and living like that is killing me, I don’t mind leaving because it must be… But, I don’t want to leave without doing some good (you know to rectify all the bad that I’ve done).

So here’s to wishing one more time, today’s the day that I’m waiting for……… To stop hiding and let my little light shine ;9


~ by tashpoeme on January 2, 2009.

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