Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…

And what can I do about it? Well gosh-gee-willickers, I’ll show them the pomp and circumstance and fuckery and bullshit and loneliness and sorrow…

And then they will run!

Do they think they can get away? I should hope not, cuz like a plague I will follow and hunt them down and show them pain. Then I will be vindicated at least for the moment… and when that moment has passed and I don’t feel good anymore I will wreak more havoc.

It’s mighty tiring to feel sad and bad and mad all the time, I’ve changed so much and I wanted you to love me, instead you hide and lie and deny what we had. Gawd, YOU make me sick!

If you just wanted booty, then say so. Don’t pretend that you can love – when you don’t believe in it. I certainly didn’t. I hoped that it was, real – not something that was in the movies, not something that could move you and make you do things that normally you’d be loathe to do. Like sharing your side of the bed, making breakfast, getting out of bed on the weekends instead of lazing around with bedhead and drinking out of the left over bottles of booze – just to fall back into a stupor and sleep some more….

I’m only 18, the world is mine and I had a future, instead I am wasted, lost and without hope- what I am going to do? You guessed it, cry a little more and maybe say a few prayers – we only had a fight, right? It isn’t the end yet, is it?

Piss on you and your stupid love, I’ll show you… Right after these tears have dried and then, you just wait!


~ by tashpoeme on January 4, 2009.

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