Ack zee politicks…

After much stewing and hemming (oh and way too much hawing); here’s my scribe, my proverbial hat has been thrown into the masses *shivers*

I am excited to see that Trudeau has entered the game (better known as zee politicks), sure I could mention how great his father was, frankly though, I was barely a twinkle back then and I don’t remember much – well I remember the name, so I’ll give myself half a point.

Being a non-voting liberal has been hard, but I haven’t seen anyone that has captured my attention…. well, Dion is the exception, I almost voted for him, so I think I have a full point now.

My ‘hippie’ sensibilities have not been catered to and the fact that no one gives a rat’s ass about homelessness or the fact that too many children are failing school (and more importantly life, because they grew up on the wrong side of the tracks)… Sure economics are important, but come on – how long are we going to piggy back on the States? I am personally not a lemming and I won’t waste my vote on politicians who live to fly into the hole – I mean, America does what’s good for ’em and Canada needs to start to protect it’s own interests, maybe this is the key to not falling too deep into this recession).

Sure, I am a few paces ahead of myself, Trudeau may never become the next PM, but I am hopeful that Trudeau will be the authour of change – he was a teacher, so I’m sure he has seen the dark abyss that will become Canada – if we don’t try and make serious changes now! 

Here’s to ‘oping that Canada can reclaim the glory it once had, you know – somethin akin to this Great Legacy I have heard about (ie: Trudeau the father). I know, big hopes and I blame myself for not voting, but it’s hard to fight when there’s isn’t a name for your battle and as a sheep, it’s hard to aimlessly wonder about and keep hope alive. However, I couldn’t throw away my vote – it’s precious and I’m glad that I’ve waited… and so I continue to wait for the chance to finally say I voted… tick-tock-tick.


~ by tashpoeme on January 13, 2009.

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