Just venting…

So I read the most delightful article today!!

And it made me so mad, honestly sometimes I wonder, why is it that we can’t get our heads outta our asses??!! Poor little ‘rich kids’ – it only works on Gossip Girl people!!

You can’t have a silver spoon in your mouth because you were the best in school, or because you were spoon-fed ‘sunshine and lollipops’ and ‘mommy and daddy’s muscle’ and ‘everything is gold/yours for the taking’! It’s human to suffer and fail (and just because you suffer and fail, it doesn’t give you a sense of entitlement either).

It’s just nauseating to see the media constantly pouring all this money and time into the thought patterns of little kids – who change their minds, all the time! If it’s cool now – sorry – it’s not cool (the moment’s gone – oops!)

Wait, here’s a thought, let’s invest in the F-U-T-U-R-E!!! And remember the P-A-S-T!! (Not repeating ol’ mistakes and so on and such).

You know thought and planning, a staple for anything or anyone who has been successful….

Oh, I’m sorry that doesn’t happen in the new millennium, it’s all about me and now – if it’s past it sucks and if it’s the future it’s trivial, my bad… *sigh* and when we fall on our faces, someone will always be there to pick us up?!?


I’ve fallen and I can’t get up -where’s my ‘someone’??

No the voice in my head doesn’t count…

Wait, is it possible that no one will pick me up??!!


~ by tashpoeme on January 14, 2009.

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