So, what??!! I need a human touch…

And I can’t find it, therefore I aim to create…

My new order, a place in time stuck in the 80s or maybe with an 80s type of ‘dismissiveness’, scepticism and wonder – with a few tweaks… Less of the big hair, yet still being loud and colourful and wild!

With lots of futuristic space outfits and desperately seeking to change/fix the impending doom that is the future before it’s too late@! The characters are smarmy and sarcastic, full of themselves and desperately seeking/craving attention… Looks pale in comparison to style, no my friends, your beauty is not what gets you the points, it’s the care you take to put yourself together; it’s the fact that you can ace a test, argue a cause and still have time to get down and BOOGIE!


If only I’d take my head outta the sand, maybe I’d like this present age *sigh* but I don’t, although if I could splice this imaginary world with the witticisms of Gossip Girl – well I’d have a “hit” on my hands… To be continued – if we are so fortunate ;9


~ by tashpoeme on January 15, 2009.

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