If only I was entitled…

First,  I would give myself a ‘title’ the reigning procrastinator of bullshit and supreme being who is always screwed over….

Then I would put hits on all the people who screwed me over, leaving me with virtually no family and awwwwwww the freedom of no friends…

I would then proceed to hire a bunch of ‘yes mam’s’ who would then deplete the world of anyone else I didn’t like (like politicians, the management team of the Maple Leafs, Hollywood/showbiz).

With my new-found power, I would ignore politics until I was upwards of 60 (people would take me seriously then and listen to my sage wisdom).

The Leafs would ACTUALLY WIN, *giggles* because well, the players would be thoroughly screened, everyone would have drive/determination, they’d WANT to WIN (vs. just wanting stature/money) and there wouldn’t be the ‘old’ guy who would try and carry the team.

As for good ol’ Hollywood, well that REALITY shit would end, IMMEDIATELY!! The biz would go back to the days of talent vs looks (although looks would still matter – it would be unrealistic to eradicate it completely) and there wouldn’t be new movies coming out EVERY FUCKING week, more like once a month – for pete sake’s 99% of the stuff that comes out is SHITE, that’s why no one’s making money – people are tired of paying for previews they’ve already seen for free!! What you ask? It’s that teaser that has all the best parts of the movie and sometimes it even has stuff that ‘magically don’t make it in the movie…. *yes nod your heads- y’all know what I mean* ;9

*sigh* Oh if only… the ruckus I could cause, please don’t tell anyone about this dream, I could get into a lot of trouble, cheers!!


~ by tashpoeme on January 15, 2009.

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