The Effect, of Touch… Is Amazing….

We feel this push and pull and we fight the urges and we yield to the urges… After all that we have put each other through, yes!!! 

*bows and rises & celebrates during the thunderous applause – ROLLS and REPEATS, fades and RISES DEAFENINGLY, fades and REPEATS…*

We fight the common sense that tells us to stay away, can’t help but fight with each other – it’s AMAZING!!?!

I realize that deep down, this relationship will end, I shout it from the rooftops.!!! I repeat the 7 deadly sins again and again and AMAZINGLY, you take a seat and you watch, hungrily awaiting the next episode.

Glutton like I, keep wanting to feel more and more of this pain, I am a jealous and spiteful monster and you seem to want me to bring you my gift, death…

So driven, so determined and lustful, no act is enough; always ready and willing to try everything – you fling the gauntlet down – you are so desperate for another round of  greed, sloth, and wrath….

Envious of every stare that comes my way, you want to play these games; you pretend that I don’t exist/that I am not good enough… So I tramp on, looking for pleasures, my pride is too great – too full of myself to let your slights hold me down for too long…


~ by tashpoeme on January 18, 2009.

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