The Effect, of Touch…


It hurts, more that I thought it could, why did I want to know what ‘the human touch’ felt like? Why did I spend all this time fantasizing? Why couldn’t I have spent this time, working on keeping us in tune? Instead of fussing over being connected and wanting each other’s touch?


Why cant we find a lasting bond? Why is it easier to feel the bumps and scrapes? Why do we create pain, when there is bliss to be found?

Why can’t we give this up?

I feel this heartbeat, the grumbles and rumbles of hunger, and even begin to hope that we will find that victory/the willingness to follow this path of love, should we bother – it won’t be easy!??!

This moment should be sorrowful,  like one’s urge to cheer for the underdogs, but what lives/shines through, is the hope… to make the impossible, probable…

So, I continue to hope and to believe that this feeling could last…

Even though we both want it to end… right?

After all, we are too impatient to try, too impatient to see what can happen, too impatient to let fate run its course. So impatient, that we let others get in our way – we choose to ‘dance’, so why can’t we wait and see if we could win the competition?

*wipes sweat*

The effect, is blurred – it shimmers in the background, the clock ticks and the security of victory is clearly fading; yet hope lives on…..


~ by tashpoeme on January 18, 2009.

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