You still intend on the ‘deaf’ thing, huh?!


*shrug ‘ whatever’ *

you both laugh!!


So, what would it be like?

A Golden Globe or two, a best actress and a best supporting crown! Who’d turn that kind of opportunity down??!!

If you or I were so lucky – how would we behave??!! I only mean to say, that these award shows, simply remind us – the viewing audience of our what these actors mean to us; what these movies tell us about our ‘friends’, about pivotal moments, or about tears of wrath/joy… if one actress (or one actor) can create this magic… LET IT BE!!

As for good ol’ Hollywood, well if that REALITY shit would end…I don’t know, IMMEDIATELY!! The biz would go back to the days of talent vs looks (although looks would still matter – it would be unrealistic to eradicate it completely) …. *yes nod your heads- y’all know what I mean* ;9


Why can’t/shouldn’t she be up against herself – ain’t the Oscars about our favourite characters and our favourite movies??!! IF we are so lucky to see the same actress compete against herself, great! Sorry dear Hollywood – it’s about talent not beauty. Just a wee bit jealous and confused, acting is about telling the story right?!

Reality is fun and all, but when was Hollywood at it’s peak! ??! In those Hazy, Black n’ White Good Ol’ Days of Yesterday’s!@? So if, one person wins in multiple categories, I mean it wouldn’t hurt to ‘ENJOY’ the moment, right??!!


~ by tashpoeme on January 21, 2009.

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