So, I think I need direction… Such a poor lil rich gal ;9

It’s just nauseating to see the media constantly pouring all this money, thought and time into the thought patterns of spoiled little kids – who change their minds, all the time! If it’s cool now – sorry – it’s not cool (the moment’s gone – oops!)

When did ageing become such a sin?? It ain’t cool to constantly appear to want ‘youth’ forever… I am desperate to start ‘lookin’ my age – actually wHAT the FUck??!! I’ve been waiting to be older, forever & now I have to spend my ‘golden years’ looking like a child???

WAtching all the things I adore disappear – everything is sexualized, now. Maybe I’ll change my mind in 20 years or so, but the thought of ‘interfering with a child – even if they’re legal’ is sickening. I mean in this world you gotta accept how people choose to live/represent themselves… Except for the small minority I reside in – sorry guys, I float about in the land where being an IDOL lasted decades and not forgotten milliseconds after the finale airs. You know the girl that waits to be asked on a date because if she asked a guy out, she would feel dirty, it’d be like standing at the corner… waiting to make your mark.

Who never wants to get married, because if she did it’d only be once and forever, but we know that no one believes in forever, in loyalty, of fighting back after you make a mistake, in trusting – he hangs with his cats and you with your dames, sometimes together/sometimes apart…. If she got married, no one would remember the wedding, but they’d never forget the reception, a whirl-o-rama that lasted for days.

I was the kid who lusted after an older, wiser, shaggy (usually sandy coloured, lately it’s been chocolate brown – hmmm chocolate *takes a bite…EH* I’m sorry, I LIKE men!!!

(not androgynous creatures who weigh a mite or two)

Who hid and tried/pretended to write about her crushes in a diary – only to stop writing after a few days… Although the crushes lasted for years.


~ by tashpoeme on January 22, 2009.

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