This attempt to…

Seem like I am a nice person, filled with dainty wishes and positive moments, is going to be easy?!! Instead of being negatively reflective, I will wear the nice  hat.

Things will go smoothly – MY jaw is jumping NOW!! A good sign, I BE positive and writes a few lines to share this joy!! HE does make me smile, amen and praises – to be able to make a black cloud be blue and bright is a… well, let us say its quite Enchanting, mais non???

This thing is still new, It’ll be NEW 10 years from now, still amazed it still goes, 2  dishonest people taking a chance to take things as they come, with a vat of vinegar to sweeten the pot! ;( ;9

What’s in a day/we lay and fornicate/we joke and we kid/we joust, let the sins un-roust/we fall and sink lower/make words, grunts and ??? /

Speed and gun chases, no time to be still  always hurtling towards something,

What we have aint that bad/it’s simple and delectable/ something that’s good to pull out on a rainy day /It’s a lovernaguration – it’s spiritual it’s deep and melodious, you aren’t tied down/always free to roam, but choose not to (most of the time, we sin and our gazes wander often)

If you close your eyes and see yourself at your worst, you are finally able to see through the mist, hands held – being one.

… … It’s twisted, it’s blindingly blissful. It’s another rose that rose up and out of the concrete, to wage battle, thought and access to $$$ @#$% ♥ the problem is that for a rose to survive, well adaptation is crucial… one must never lose hope…

When  you see me its golden, mesmerizing, mouthy and in need of lots of T-L-C (tenderness-loving-conniving), when I see you its feathers and whispers and S-A-D (sultry-annoying-debonair)- a figment that can disappear instantly; however there’s light and a moment is spent to ‘forget‘ the sorrow, and so ( ♥ *shines*!!

“Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love”

William Shakespeare


~ by tashpoeme on January 22, 2009.

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