Poetry<nonsense + ? = ♥, perhaps…

The bones are slowly setting and stiff… eyes glaze, can’t see reason, well that can be a plausible clue??!?Nerves shot/nerves calmed – I could never figure out which one/which receptor was working, everything and nothing. Yet, I always got the end result, sleep and forgetfulness. *sigh –sa-a-t-i-s-s-s-s-f-a-a-ah-c-t-i-o-n!!!!!*

Gummy eyes, pasty mouth, twitchy muscles – ze ennui, deepens and creases the brow.


Wipe the dream away and put on a frown, addicts line up in the wee hours. Who will be worse today? The tally looks like this: Homeless a Few, Crazies a Few_More and Those-Who_Should-Know_bETTer is, well I’m making another column for them…  Handing them the IV, can’t decide if I should shock or drop…. Piss on screwing them, up, I’m going to take the bend hurtling head first… There’s bound to be someone, who’ll want to do battle ;( ;9

Poetry or nonsense; can never decide which?!  Although, this is silly, this moping about, thinking about people who should behave better, but don’t. This my comrades, is better fodder, cuz we expect ‘less’ from the others, right?!

Am I am failure? Yes.

*Wait-this dream* this feeling, better known as hope, or another muscle twitch, propels me, to disagree… And folks we dubiously agree that it’s a sin to argue with oneself?? It’s OK to ponder, but never to answer. However, since you happen to be here, you leave me no choice, but to TEAR into you, thanks!!


~ by tashpoeme on January 27, 2009.

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