This f.nbook thing.. Sorry just hatin!!

I sit on the computer, on Facebook and this question always arises:








I don’t get social networking, who am I networking with?
Where is this light?

I have had more fulfilling interactions when I was leaning against the wall or handing you this piece of grandiose consumer perfection; I’ll ensure it’ll be worth every penny! Work with me & I’ll give you the world!!!
Once again, I stare at the computer screen, Naw really!

I’m really, on this f.nbook, AGAIN!!! WHY???
You talk to ‘friends’ and they don’t reply at all~!!
So, do you keep these friends? Nope, I delete!
I’m not hating, okay sue me, OF COURSE I’M HATING! Frankly,I don’t like the damn thing, for some reason, it’s become another piece of ID of this millennium.
Weird with it,
Dangerously profiled in it,
Weirder without it,
No one talks, did I mention that my shitty days at work and my midlife crisis (at 30), do not compare to the dread that I have of this f.nbook!!!! I can’t find the networking element, seriously!

It’s just a badge! So when you get in trouble, big brother will find you quicker!
AAaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww  ;(0 – a la Charlie Brown!


~ by tashpoeme on February 18, 2009.

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