Putting this pride away,

I’m not going to let shit keep me down. I’m going to embrace failure head on, I know I can’t be 19 forever. So what I’ve been stuck at this blessed age for over a decade?

I am going to walk into the valleys, embrace the deathly shadows, put these toys away and stop playing games with idiots – they don’t have my back. I need to walk away, hopefully not back to the land of loneliness – but if that’s where I end up; so let it be.

I had a dream, a dream that spoke of freedom and glory, where I wouldn’t be under anyone’s thumb anymore. It seems that I can finally take steps to make this dream a reality. The only problem is, how many more sins should I commit? The straight and narrow hasn’t been working, I should’ve known better… Nis Rennis was created in sin and in sin, it may be possible to find redemption. Say a prayer for me, I hope to get out alive….

*cocks the gun, literally and proverbially*


~ by tashpoeme on February 25, 2009.

One Response to “Putting this pride away,”

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