Here hair Woes…


The joy of being a girl, that really isn’t a joy is…
Constantly having to fuck around with my one’s hair?!!!!
YOU will it to stay PUT & it should *shakes fist*

It’s smooth when it should be nappy & you guessed it ALWAYS NAPPy when to should be smooth!
Gawd, to be a boy & have choice, freedom (and SAVING $$ – no perms or pieces, eh!)
It could be:
(a) cut, now hair can feel the breeze trailing through & in two weeks it will look EVEN better when it is cut again OR
(b)shaved! And in two weeks touch it up a bit and WHAM BAM/1!
(c) that deep down, it’s known that these options are also available as a girl, the root problem is that I WANT hair that FOLLOWS myCOMMANDS@!@

So, as I mosey to the end, I want what I can’t have.
It, however, doesn’t stop me from ‘willing’ for a different outcome.

If there could be a point, it would be:
Everyfuckin day I gotta come up with, tweek or unload massive coppers to look decent providing a consumer luxury to someone suited or someone who may need a new piece or two… Hmmmmmm can’t even have an ADULT job, sheesh *it’s embarrassing 45yrs old, two kids and I peddle ;( )*

Wait, you just don’t get it do you?

Wear this a minute, you perm it – the perm rests for only two weeks (after two days its kinda kinking up at your nape. You wrap it and then proceed to put some slick, gummy shit into it OR  you wrapped it wrong & your hair_now-lopsided_BIACH! You slept wrong, ie not on stomach, face at a 45degree angle, propped on your hands *can also cause aforementioned grief* Everyday you hear, if only you’d take care of it(if only you’d tell me what the ‘gunk’ is that keeps it slick, smooth and not gummy {ya know like it is on TV}, betta yet why don’t you try?

*There’s the story of what happens when there’s a weave in it… Well it goes like this:Everything above AND the hassle of covering the nape (the rest still looks good & you recall all that $$$ you just blew… it technically has major faults @ONLY 2_weeks!!!) Imagine a computer or car with that high rate of failure/catastrophe looming…*

Nawh you couldn’t last,everyday pulling these random/aimless ‘styles’ outta your ass. The style rags can’t, no they will not invent in ways to describe the horror as they gawk & weep at your attempts at/of creativity. Don’t worry, It looks N-I-C-e?? ).

*shrugs Whateva!!*


~ by tashpoeme on March 11, 2009.

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