I seem to be under… thinking of a dream I had.

The impression that what I deem to be real music better known as people who use instruments & words – doesn’t fucking exist!

 I am a sheep, I’m proud to say! In fact, I’m a fucking snob; would be more ah-pro_pro. The only words I learned were *baaaaaaaaaa baaaaaa*
I’m always jumping on and off bandwagons, a lost little gypsy with no home of her own! So since I like to chirp a lot< I poked around looking at other people’s shits & giggles. With not much to do and lots of failures behind me, I took another kick at the can….
I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t know what to do?

Nothing really stays my attention & as much fun as it is to get to know the classics, 2009 is quickly sliding onwards. I’m pretty Hilton-esque (da lady 1) when it comes to anything new! It all seems really hot, I have nada to compare it too. Sometimes I am over zealous in my praise or I’m too quick to flop between Kind & Harsh…

I’ve fallen a lot: Eminem, Britney, Fall Out Boy, T.I., Outkast, Missy & Justin! The love doesn’t last tho (they’re lyrically sound), but it ain’t gritty enough. I want to pick at it, find the chord, pick the grizzle outta my teeth. Musically, our generation will most likely not produce any legends, lyrically. I mean, they might be legends because of their lifestyle, but not lyrically. Look how long music has been ripping shit up, we dun gone & started buying shit cuz, the person on the cover is hot?!

WTF?! Honestly, as we proceed to the next chord…

*shhhhhhhhh* I know I’m crazy! *sigh****  *flips hair*
Don’t fret, I’m resilient “don’t care much for go-go/I’m retro”
Yet stepping on this crack, my back done broke. Walking acoustically alongside The Walkmen…
For now, I’m happy and I’ll enjoy this ride; until it ends/It shouldn’t be so easy to laugh, when I’m so down ;9


~ by tashpoeme on March 20, 2009.

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