What to do when dreams come true…. prepare for consequences!

Well you get off the rocking chair and start laughing = howling & rolling on the floor!
And then you ponder, WTF?! 
You reached out and proceed to burn.

Online dating. What were you thinking? oH yes, dreams coming true and whatnot, well another example of pressing one’s luck and surprize, surprize failing, again. Narrowly_escaping death, shucks… Stepping away from the bowels of destruction for awhile; vacation’s due*

The human touch, is a well meaning ideal, for most. Just not yours truly, people can’t see me as good, I don’t get it. I can walk by & it causes grief. *Clears cobwebs* And to think that a guy out in Internet la_la-land, just cuz (it’s cool), would make me happy… Words are easy to edit & easy to lay out. It’s easy to rearrange the context *sighs*

Is it wrong to admit, I felt real dirty, like a horrible person who has committed a vile sin. This dream, is being thankful for the gifts, life & the beauty thereof. Not hoping for others to recognize the beauty, that’s me. Swans do not and can be made from Ugly Duckie’s the bad oozes forth and froths…


~ by tashpoeme on March 20, 2009.

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