With this death…

In this stage of remembering the moments, I’d like to….

…. and recommend: Tears Dry on Their Own. ♥

My arms limp
I floated down, it’s like I’m awake – I start to panic… No heaven
Only this watery hell!
Didn’t want to stay, was just visiting, with this death; I guess I remain below.
Angels and fears, in the end the devil plays in glory and wrath divine!

I thought: no more, could hear the endless chatter & clatter, the cawing of ravens endlessly repeating dark and haunting sorrows, no mores and nevers…Hands bumped and skidded, body tossed and rose, somehow air…

The end of the show!  My freedom =  like Brit Brit’s show: lots attitude, chaos & dysfunction!
*stop lookin & couldn’t see, but started to breathe, in ones or threes now fives its quicker now, it’s slowing*


~ by tashpoeme on March 21, 2009.

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