Scream….. with me Brit Brit ;9

At the CircusWorking mouth open, forcing it shut over and over.
That sound keeps rolling out, it’s making you ill & you’re
Under waves of nausea   ~~        0^O that are wrecking you

You clench your stomach, there’s nothing left and your body’s still quaking & hacking…


What more can I say?
I don’t know what to make of this show….  95% of concert spent with my ass on the seat, just waving my arms sideways, up & then down. Uber pissed because I was pretty clear when I told the young’un – that when she uploaded pics = delete immediately, but…. Of course, I run outta space (as you have figured out, not much if anything was deleted).

Imagine riffling through pics deleting… knowing full well – that that pic might’ve been, the good one! The show’s whipping by. Kept telling myself to stop looking at cam.

Would look up show & proceed to wave my arms, it’s Brit Brit after all. 
The moment will come *shrugs*
Looks at cam, again! What to delete? Shoulda just deleted PCD.


I felt like I was working, an equipment malfunction, ruins my night?! (If I’d only gotten paid, I would’ve felt a wee bit better, although with nada to show… I probably would’ve been fired!)

Songs: Oh look it up, piss on you, I’m reviewing right… Everyone is now capable of adding their own 15. Go look, go see what songs she played…Well I could check too that would trigger my memory. Don’t wanna, though…So I won’t!

I know, sorry, just being a Slave for you!
Between us, I wish she performed Stronger…
You know, it’s weird as the concert drew to an end, I mean, literally milliseconds from the end. I became ‘juiced’, no not ‘roids, I mean more animated.


 (I rise & boogey, just like a granny @ Brit Brit should do)! I wanna say I HATED IT! HIT IT OVER A HEAD WIT A SOCK & TELL IT I DON’T PLAY LIKE THAT! Well, here’s a report: it was my LAST GODDAMN DAY at a job that I must say was a humiliating experience, I ain’t too smart, but boy the affair was daft, I’ve never experienced such flat mindedness & lack of vision *sorry* rambling, almost done!

Well, here’s a report: it was my LAST GODDAMN DAY *sorry*!

Why did I rise? I blame that Sweet Dreams bit & the kid who danced to Swagger Like Us….
*granny shook her shoulders & had the whole world (well it was agaisnt a WALL), in her hands*
The end of the show!  My freedom =  like Brit Brit’s show: lots attitude, chaos & dysfunction!

That last 5% of the concert awarded some forgiveness, until I remembered the begining, the waiting for the music to start…WTF!! Sure the circus motif was cute (well it would’ve been if it was like a few minutes)! Okay, okay the circus moment was cute… Wait a minute! WTF? Concert = music, oui?!  It took awhile, but the music finally descended, yes! Kewl. Ah yes da ring of fire, da swagger, sweet dreams and balloons! NO cotton candy, boo!!   ;9

Kudos to the exuberant attendees (I for one am glad, I found my mojo late *sheesh* Eyes darting back & forth, at Brit Brits uber-antly_shitfaced fans on the side of me… dey had much mojo!

(dey’s trying to hip-hop_a-WavvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeOOOHhhhhhh)….
*I could cry, I was so fluxomed*
Sheeeeeeeeet I thought I died & went and gone to an alternate heaven!

In Laymans Terms: You crazy, you got this far! Sorry, dis exuberant Circus garners 2.79 outta 5!

Circus/Sweetly Dreams


~ by tashpoeme on March 22, 2009.

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