Head in sand…

So stuck in the past.
My ass, on the other hand is firmly wedged between the future and the present; this explains why it’s always being kicked & for this ‘down in the dumps style’ that you will continue to marvel at. Sheet this is the made up stuff.                                     

*smh, not once, but 2x*

Imagine if you were privy to the real stuff.

How’s this? (Now it could be real::::::::::::::)

A down on:::::her:::::luck chick wobbles from moment to moment, job to job, single as sin & without a clue because she’s always leaning on the wall. She’s got all that, but she can only see Ugly Duckie. And now, she sees the wear and tear of life… Well it trips her up & now she’s always moping: this eternal ageist/the death tip – all the fuckin’ time ;9.

::::::: U can’t believe it::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::so this IS UBER funny!!?
It’s a joke right?!


Look! Nappy_head’s up &  in the sand, look at ‘dis!
*smh 2x and now 100s*

It looks good back/in here, I can see you kicking me AGAIN! Although, I’m not sure if it’s future/present/past; kicks are kicks right?!

I’m a floor mat waiting for the guests to arrive & regretting being stepped on ;(
Always haunted, haven’t felt that/only feel peace since/and da days_leadin’2@720, a memory of ♥ flitters past then/now. This is why the head is in the sand, trying to find that ♥ again, life is pissed at me, so it won’t stop kicking me in the ass:::::::::::

::::::::::::::: I know I can’t get that ♥, this bad habit of always wanting what I can’t have, fuck:::::::::::::it’s:::::::::::::::::::::::just:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::hope. I was once a twinkle & a dream, I want that peace again, 2_appear & be!

♪….On a dark desert highway/Cool wind in my hair
I was thinking to myself/This could be Heaven or this could be Hell
We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969…/What a nice surprise?♪♪

– The Eagles (Hotel California)


~ by tashpoeme on March 30, 2009.

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