*Looks d-o-w-n=( third 1’s the worst heh?!*

Heroes not as good as it could be?
SO, we got to get out of this ;place…. Nah! It’s been delightful thus far! I’m sure any die hard will say that this season’s stripped down; without its’ core. That, my friends is how the hook stays and wedges deeper and it may not seem awesome, it’s like tripping into your thirties. (Trust me, blink away those tears, you’ll see!)

* and get ready folks, if you’ve ever read anything else in this Blog of Shhheeeeeeeeeeeetn’Rhymmeeeeeez! You’ll have already caught onto this theme*

Each party is fighting for what’s right. It just so happens that you, well…
You’ve always doubted everything you’ve ever done before, you’ve been around – well not if you’re me (I’m on the ALREADY WASHED UP SIDE! I was the best AFTER right at conception!)!!

This season has dug deep and not left much to the imagination. It’s dark & moody, more character driven, heroes die and are reborn, they must – or what would there be for us to aspire to??/>> My only wish is that  Heroes would get darker & introduce some rotten souls that would take a walk to the picket fence!

I’m sorry we speak comic right??!
To boot, it  OUGHT to now, shouldn’t it… A character that can’t be killed, unlike Skylar though – this rotten type would be like fallen Angels, almost vamp – less < blood ;9 Ack, but I don’t have the cush job, so like my ‘famous’ counterparts, I_ah, OUGHT (I forgot HOw_much I ♥ this word, trust me always = neg.) to SHUT MI BUM-BLE-HOLE!

I still haven’t gone and watched the previous seasons… Many say ‘the best years’..>
Meh, I’ll invent what has happened, I ah-aver great imagination.
GO SKYLAR GO!! Perhaps a duel….= mutters + fighting with self

 *sigh & tents fingers*






 —->>>        =0)(0=             =0 =)                                   =0                              =9                                     =+)                     <<<<<<———


~ by tashpoeme on April 2, 2009.

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