7 sins of anti-d8r!

1.Too helpful; helpfulness is interpreted as a)
stupidity & b) desperation!

2.Too brash,rash & opinionated! Sure she’s delightful!
Extra flavour & extra fun, extra hard & seriously lacking in
the ‘smooth’ department…

3.Too violent; can’t let anything or anyone get
past her!



4.Too passive; once the anger comes out, the
shows over b4 it began, a la Britney’s Circus… The
longer the show/illusion goes, the more
depressed one will get… ?Although, there’s
a brief SPARK @ end = pleasing

5.Not too pretty; don’t let these images fool you!
All she sees is that nappy haired girl with
those dark circles under her eyes, her legs
so on the CHUbb_chubb side *sigh*
Even on the days she bothers to doll-up & add makeup, SMH ;(

6.Too yappy; I mean, it’s bad! Way too often
and at inappropriate times, to boot! Luckily, she mutters
= easy to tune her out.

7. Too cool; one would think this is a GOOD thing!
It isn’t! a) it’s weird to ‘accept’ & ‘allow’ him to hang with
friends (intriguing that she would do the same) &
b) That she has really been sitting on the
shelf for three decades… Not crazy, simply, Unlucky!

Do you know of other sins???


~ by tashpoeme on April 18, 2009.

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