I lost, then I ran…

It’s simple really. The anti-d8r, is tired of the
single life & she wants change!

I go out of my way. Really, I believe, I do!
But the result is always the same, ironic & no date ;(

It’s for those of you who always follow the urge to
Stick it to the man. So what if you never got to
believe in yourself?!! And when it’s midnight
(er, I mean when 1am approaches off you run…)

WTF??! This, my life, I’ve seen it all b4! Granted the youth’s,
allowed a 2nd go round & still can’t figure out, how I’m fucking it up!

Him: This is why we can’t communicate,
we are always sent bastardized versions of

Me: *lost/dazed in shock, sighs*
I wanted you to be my prize…
*walks, then bolts
… Rhuuined!*
*Shakes My Head and Cries ;( *


~ by tashpoeme on April 20, 2009.

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