So, I can wrap it around a minute…

OK, I know this may seem like I’m trying to hard!

It’s true I am!
People are always looking at me and seeing/believing that I = a fool. It doesn’t fucking help that I look like a child, spiritually; trust me – I’m at least mid to late 50s. Reincarnated and already repeating past lives while living in the futures and presents!
I am willing and long past ready!

Born to win and no matter how; I will continue to will my way towards victory.
Sound corny and melodramatic – blame dem dam rappers for that!

But, when you feel nothing, come from nothing, know nobody & nobody can say nothing, people looking down on you calling you nothing, even though your family disses you – you still feel nothing, well it ain’t good, so it might as well be nothing, good for nothing & good can’t come outta nothing, this being nothing – but a bid to win!

Hey read the posts – it’s the same feeling over and over again. I do try and change, more clear proof that any change I set my mind to *sigh* results in repeating the same ol’ song and dance…. FUCK!!


~ by tashpoeme on May 2, 2009.

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