It’ll be okay!!

Maybe da #100 will be based on or an excerpt from an interview OMG!!!. Yes, I get to mangle, I mean, arrange other words in the blender of my mind, skewered for future pontifications; for anyone who cares to feast their eyes upon it. But then, I have a bad hand *sigh*

Fuck, I’ll fold and start over, *wait a minute this hand ain’t that bad, OMG!!* I WON!!


What will this interview be about??

Well it’s a dream.

A dream that started out as a brush of fate and has grown into a stroke of finality!!  The clock has struck midnight, you’ve climbed the ladder and you fell off the bridge. What have you done while teetering and tottering?

Maybe I’ll snarkily be commenting on the sad/maybe even glad state of affairs, a dream is but a dream. And is much more forceful when you follow through. *sigh & claps*

I’M SO EXCITED:::::::::::::: just wait, you’ll see.


~ by tashpoeme on May 12, 2009.

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