Finally ♥ – another Nis Rennis tale…

The rapid drumbeats like the movements and the motions of the heart, each verse bringing one closer and closer to tears. Is this, can this love materialize into reality? We ‘glow’ apart,  but are too shy and too wary to admit these feelings to each other. For years, each summer we would meet and pass glances at each other. Oftentimes simply brushing past each other, a wink or a smile (only once did someone almost ‘out’ us, I guess we were both good at denying ‘this’); besides what did we know of each other? I rest at singles’ nook and cranny; you could have a wife or kids, at least a long term girl lurking in the shadows & all you needed to feel better was a distraction… Time finally wound it’s way around, the glances and the beats merged and the ♥♥_er-coaster began!

It was like something you’ve never seen b4.  Well… Fine, maybe in a soap!
She has a handful, he was a prince!

Her weapons of choice, guns and abstinence! The old and pure one, it was all he could think of – two bulls couldn’t reign. He had to fight, he had to taste…

She wasn’t having it and p[ushe]d him and shhhhhh[usssssssssssssshhhhhe]d him B-A-C-K! She wasn’t having it!

And so it began, you have read about the violence.
It began with art, wisdom and a cobra in the grass, a lonely dove flying in the air and morphing into a dreaded tink-er-Belle! She didn’t know that this was it, what ♥ would be for her…

Anger and violence, the blood will come.

Yummy ;0

Yummy ;0


She didn’t know that her Prince had such an ugly character, full of vengeance and wrath. Who'[s] attracts violence, raise your hand??? *She raises both arms and pumps her fists*
“This is it!!”

‘I tried to think what I had loved knifes for, but my mind slipped from the noose of the thought and swung, like a bird, in the centre of the empty air… To the person in the bell jar, blank and stopped and as (sic) dead, the world itself is the bad dream.’ Sylvia Plath

He didn’t realize dat Tink would fight so hard, she never gives up! Failure is what she eats & she eats it 3x/day. Grins and bears it – he wanted her to see. How?? ♥- it could be pure…
“So, why are you better than me?” He whispers

*She frowns*
*Her brow wrinkles, gnashing & kissing of teeth*
“EEEEEEEEDddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyTT!” she whispers back.
 “I don’t want to, least of all someone who lies, cheats, steals and kills.”

He opens his mouth to speak::::::::::::::::: He raises his eyes and notices that::::::::::::::::::

*she raises both hands & waves, stop*
“You’re just like me, God’s saying I don’t have that shot at heaven…”

opens his mouth and speaks

*Her hands :::::::::::::: wave:::::::::::::::::again::::::::::::::::::: finger_wags ::::::::::NO::::::::::::::::no*
“I had just hoped for a bit of good, b4, I die and at the rate I’m living, it may be at anytime.
I missed/forget dat first kiss. I don’t recall any semblance of relationship, bootay yeah – shit dat don’t count. I just wanted, to feel betta, instead I got you.”

*She breathes:::::::::::5 ::::::::::::::7:20:::::::::::::: 12*

:::::::::opens his mouth to speak:::::::::::Pauses and urges the words, over and through the dry throat and the thick, lazy tongue:::::::::Words won’t mean much, but they need to be said::::::::::::::::::::::::;;

“Why are you better than me?”
“What makes you think that growing up with money makes my suffering any less valid?”
“I may not pull the trigger, but with this money, this power; I PLAY 2 win!! And for my sins I still suffer for the thought, the intent = price/act of crime.”

The snakes venom= intent [da<act] – [tainted skin on the right, tainted thoughts on the left]… Too [mushy + da north divided by the money on southern frontiers = multitudes of sins]…
Yet a ♥ flowered, it broke outta the bowels of hell, it broke through the concrete.
The rose bleeds blue, can this love be true?

*If this were a soap, picture your wet and sloppy kiss here, followed by some randy beats of sex and then a repeat. *Giggles*
Ain’t ♥ Grand*


~ by tashpoeme on June 3, 2009.

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