So once again…

The jalopy starts again, damn this thing is one step from the dump. It’s past time for an upgrade, but sentimentality and hope, rewriting history with another draft, stuttering and stopping. The ol jalopy just wreaking a little havoc … just one more lap [albeit a L-OOOOOOOOOOO-NNNNNNNNN-GGGGGGGGG one]!!

When there's doubt...

When there's doubt...

It’s a merger, the dream team [DF5C] will maybe have its last chance to run as a complete unit. Sure there have to be the two factions, but if the missing link can stay in place. Once again, it’s all a crap-shoot, how will it go when the dough is done??? Pattern and habit state the facts, but damn the abstinent one for having a smattering of hope, visualizing a new step *left_left, dip a right & yes a right*


~ by tashpoeme on June 6, 2009.

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